1st & only calendar that discovers & celebrates her unique rhythm with the colors of music

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rhythm is your power
...women experiencing a "regular" menstrual cycle will see 13 cycles in 1 year. If she follows the solar calendar will then see 2 cycles in one month... a very subtle but fundamentally confusing on the most subliminal of levels. "Your center is freedom... your rhythm is power... your dance partner is time."

feel & hear your rhythm & song
...7 days = 1 week, 28 days = 1 month, 13 months = 1 year of 364 days... at year’s end, honor and celebrate her fertility and love with 1 extra day, the 365th. And every 4th year honor her with 2 days."

mark your days of moonFlo
...from light to heavy, to light again... be sure to note your feelings each day with one color. Your musical note of the day. Ebb after flow, full moon after new... 4 weeks become F-A-C-E on the musical scale... your color choices for each day turn to musical notes, your flow is then your rhythm. Each month is a measure... each year a score. 4 years begins a chorus... 14 is a concerto. Your unique rhythm is but one in her global symphony."

time is your dance partner
Oh there's more... let’s take a closer look at your calendar. Begin your first day of the year on Sunday, then every second Friday becomes Friday the 13th... for 13 months. Which is why it’s unlucky for the patriarchal. That day reminds you of your rhythmic connection to your ancestors and the root of your power. They fear the day you collectively remember and regain your ancient glory in both rhythm and song."

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card calendar

your 13 moon CardCalendar
...you can play a game of chance with a deck of cards, but not revealed until now, you can also follow your moon calendar with a deck of cards. 52 cards equals the 52 weeks of the year. As the four suites represent the 4 seasons.

Now play: 1 card a day & 1 suit per season • Play Diamonds in Winter • Hearts in Spring • Clubs in Summer and Spades in Fall • Play the Ace on the 1st & 15th • Jack on Wednesdays 11 and 26 • King on Thursdays 12 and 26 • Queen on Fridays 13 and 27 (Friday the 13th is celebrated 13 times a year every year) • the Joker on Saturday 14 & 28 which ends every month. Change the Suit on Solstice & Equinox and at Year’s end play 1 Joker on the 365th day and both Jokers in leap year. Answers, "why 2 Jokers in a deck."

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her secret healing power is revealed

...roses were the 1st cultivated plant by homo sapiens from at least 80,000 years. The origins of a man giving a woman roses began in a far distant time. As he would come to know her, he learned of her cycle. Each day of her moonFlo, she loses Iron & vitamin C, which must be replaced that day, or there will be hell to "pay". Each day of moonFlo, he would respectfully approach her with a bouquet of 13 roses. She chose 1, separated the pedals, revealing the rose hip, and then consumed the sweet center.

Rose hips have the highest Iron and vitamin C content than any other plant on earth. They come with a promise of a life FREE of cramps and PMS, as long as she restores balance with RoseHip Tea each day. Her symbiotic relationship means, "the rose is to carry the thorn for her".

A 1000 years ago the patriarcal church accused our ancestors of practicing witchcraft. Which, of course, is how it all got started. Women searched the herbs for cures of tribal ailments. Ye,t even under the threat of torture and death, our ancestors kept the tradition. All though in the interviening centuries we lost her true meaning.
Warning: Organic roses only. Do not consume commercially produced roses.

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FREE mSong Calendar 2014 poster
click the right-mouse, on the link and save the file to the desktop.

Let it reveal your unique rhythm and song for female balance. Just download the 36" x 24" PDF image. Take a thumb drive to your favorite local printer, or FedEx. Have them print it any format, from small to full size. Now you have all the room you need to make your color / music notations clearly to learn and play your "Living Song".

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The Red Rose Magic Moon Dragon

A candle-lit garden surrounds our young maiden, in a mist of rose buds, about to bloom. "How long must I wait? In what hour, day or night?" Tossing in bed, in nights past, awaiting the arrival of the rarely sighted Beastly, Magic Moon Dragon. To catch her quicken silvery flight, across the moon and into a brilliant sparkling Nuit sky of night. Kaydance, wondrous sight to see, to both Mother and "Gran". She becomes the moon light, that catches her face, on the soft cool soil, her very base. Her silken hair and robe, brush the dampened evening leaves. Trail a mist, like a Goddess Kiss.

Mother, tending to the central rose bush, stands up from behind. Mother calls to Gran, heard entering the garden from the back. Mother approaches Kaydance, knowing her little one is about to enter the ancient Holy Goddess Trinity. Gran, Mother, and maiden. To bring her into the age of the redRose Magic Moon Dragon. She is to be guided as to the why and what of her Magical 13 Moon Cycle. Her intimate relationship with the rose medicines and herbal cures that will keep her in good health. In time, she will begin to know her LivingSong. As revealed in colors, rhythm and music, on her Magical Moon SongCalendar. MORE...

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