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A Journey into
4 Dimensional Cross Stereo / Subliminal Self Portraiture
...and eventually, the next step in our evolution
time for evolution’s quantum leap

     Just as the ancient cave artists of 45,000 years ago, helped kick start evolution... by introducing a new gene in the pool: the appreciation of art, imagery and metaphor. Later, the sand-script artists helped to introduce the read and write gene. So we are now to awaken the next set of genes... the appreciation of 4 Dimensional vistas that prepare us for adventures in Temporal / Space... all within our children’s life time.

4 dimensional Images in Temporal/Space
   My Stereo Subliminal Studies are 4 Dimensional sculptures in portraiture. Each piece intentionally projects a 4-D image into hyperspace. You will learn what your decendents already know... how to hyperVue. The simple act of exercising certain muscles you were born to use, in and around your eyes, awakens evolution’s quantum leap. At the ripe old age of 30 days the muscles slowly go dormant as we learned to see in terms of depth cues. Most will quickly remember how to view Temporal/Space Imageries... without viewers or special glasses. Hypervue is the platform for the comprehention of and navigation in those new dimensions.
our first gift... Book of Hypervue
   We begin with subliminal studies in portraiture and wind up peering into hyperspace. Shadows become subliminal imagery. Like the residue of the shaman's dance. Images transcends from emotions, to spiritual, to philosophy, into the realm of theoretical, and finally transcribed. Within these pages of electrons lay the the whispered messages from the ancient prophets. It is now time to understand the Dark Matter Mechanism, and how to harness the warping capabilities of Dark Energy. We have within our grasp the super luminous Temporal/Space Portal for interstellar, galactic, and time travel.
our second gift is of the ages
   The michaelm Theory will soon reveal the M Warp Field that drives the Temporal Light Ship, T.L.S. But first we are to use our sensitivity and intelligence to conquer the murderous virus we now refer to as greed. Our reward is a tour of the Andromeda galaxy and back. All within the time it takes a speeding photon to journey from the monitor to your eye!" michaelm

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Self Portraits
John Lennon
Albert Einstein
Marilyn Monroe
Jim Morrison
Bob Marley
Cedella Marley
Joseph Campbell
Mahatma Ghandi
Dali Llama
Stephen Hawking
Self Portrait
Subliminal Trilogy

Image/Story Prints

John L = Time

Albert E = Energy

The Bard = Gravity
m song calendar from rhythm to music
first & only calendar that reveals & celebrates her living song in 13 moons
spacer M Song Calendar  m song 1 spacer "5 thousand years of silence... her music prays to be heard again"

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Goddess Chapter 0
John Lennon Chapter 1
Einstein Chapter 2
Shakespeare Chapter 3
Marillyn Chapter 4
Jim Morrison Chapter 5
Bob Marley Chapter 6
Mother One Love Chapter 7
Joseph Campbell Chapter 8
Ghandi Chapter 9
Dali Llama Chapter 10
Stephan Hawking Chapter 11
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Chapters panel
intro: a quest for truth, quantum & macro
A  Hypervue Intro Goddess
0D: Netcher, perfect symetry
0  Hypervue Preface
1-D: time, evolution & peace
1  Hypervue John Lennon
2-D: energy past, present, future
2  Hypervue Albert Einstein
3-D: gravity, time & infinity
3  Hypervue William Shakespeare
4-D: Consciousness & when photons collide
4  Hypervue Marilyn Monroe
5-D: revolution, hemp & freedom
5  Hypervue Jim Morrison
6-D: eye n eye, progress or congress
6  Hypervue Bob Marley
7-D: 13, rhythms, rhymes & song
7  Hypervue Cidella Booker Marley
8-D: myths, legends & heros
8  Hypervue Joseph Campbell
9-D: charcoal, genes & saliva
9  Hypervue Mahatma Ghandi
10-D: cryptomeria farms & Goddess weaver
10  Hypervue Dali Llama
11-D: warp drive, temporal / space & portals
11  Hypervue Stephen Hawking
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hyperVue 4DX Videos
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A 4DX 3D Startfield Flythru - No Glasses
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hyperVue 3-D GalaxyTour Subliminal Charcoal movie
hypervue video 4DX experiment charcoal video

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4D Marilyn Monroe
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