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Establish Your Visual Identity in ad art with cognizant artistic design, conscious & subconscious
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All Promotional Print Ads are custom designed for promotion on anything & anywhere... even 3-D Advertising. Any surface can be a print ad. Apparel, housewares, plexiglass, banner material, coffee mugs, infant ware & much more

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Print Advertising

Showcase Products
& Direct Impulse Buys

  Establish Your Image!
From Point of Purchase retail stores to trade shows and online.

  Print ads are usually associated with newspapers and magazines. However, you can get creative and place a well designed ad almost anywhere.

  Advertise with print ads from the interior of storefront windows.

  Almost any surface is a print ad. Metal, plexiglass, banner material, coffee mugs, apparel of all kinds. Including magnetic signs for your vehicle. can be printed on a wide variety of background colors.

  All Promotional Print Ads are custom designed. Anything is possible, including 3-D Advertising.

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Save Children from Psychiatric Drugs
hempStar Wholesale Fax Order Forms
Into the Sun
Tie Dye Bikinis
Wallet fax
Exodus MFG
Padded Bags
padded bag fax
hempStar fax
EZ WaterFlo Package Product Design ITS Magazine Ad Art and Logo
EZWaterFlo Pick oral cleanse
EZWater Flo-PICK
EZWaterFlo Vaginal Colon cleanse
EZWaterFlo Shower Combo cleanse
Shower Combo Kit
ITS Girl
ITS Trade Ad Series

Fliers Posters and Booklets
AnyBody Can ad
Anybody CAN
Recycle 1
3 Tools
Teaching Tools
Concert Program
Concert Program
AnyBodyCan label
CAN Piggy Bank Lables
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Goals & Tools
Recycle 1
Anybody CAN
Recycle 2
Goals & Tools
Recycle 3
TUPP Poster
Adopt a Waterway
Adopt a Waterway
Newspaper, Magazine, Post Card, Poster & Badge ad art
Auto Customizer ad
Auto Accessory Ad
Fong Shui
Fong Shui postcards
Beds Plus
Beds Plus Ad
Tupps Poster
Jah People Ad
Atlas Dodge Canpaigne
Atlas Dodge Ad
Catalog, Magazine, Lable and Product Design
Catalog Cover
Cataloge Cover
Sox label
Hemp Socks
CD Rom ad
Electric Emperor Ad
Vaporizer ad
AromaCare Ad
HempOil label
hempseed oil lable & ad
Bob Marley Banner
Robert Nesta Marley Tribute
Cedella Marley Banner
Cedella Marley Booker Tribute
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Peace Now
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Subliminal Charcoal moviehyperVue Order your Sacred "Subliminal Vision Quest" in Charcoal Now!
A Subliminal Odyssey in Imagery & Metaphor... Gifts from the Ancients...
Originals from $100. Archival Prints from $30.
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Photon Warp Drive X.O
m song calendar
first & only calendar that reveals & celebrates her living song in 13 moons
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michaelm as preacher Amazing T.S.O.S.!
This Side of Sanity, copyright© 2002
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michaelm on Total Devastation
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